Hyginene Kits and NFI Distribution among IDPs Buner and Swat

Hyginene Kits and NFI Distribution among IDPs Buner and Swat
Kit Distribution
Hyginene Kits and NFI Distribution among IDPs Buner and Swat
NFI Distribution

Sajid Ishaq Sandhu completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Manila, Philippines. He did Community Development Studies from University of Birmingham, Sally Oak Collage UK and proceeded to Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada for Development Evaluation Study. He also pursued various short courses from different countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu’s formal education has served as the foundation for his ability to develop keen leadership skills, solid business judgment, and excellent communication abilities.
On his return to Pakistan Sajid Ishaq Sandhu put his abilities to best use by establishing Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP) in Islamabad, a National Non-Governmental Organization. As Chairman I-LAP, Sajid’s aim was to promote interfaith harmony and peace in the region through different development projects alongside assisting the marginalized communities, irrespective of their faith, cast, and creed.  In a short span of time I-LAP was able to establish its presence in four provinces of Pakistan, namely Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan.
Under the able leadership of Chairman Sajid Ishaq Sandhu, I-LAP has worked extensively in Islamabad Capital Territory, Rawalpindi, Districts Mansehra, Balakot, Swabi, Nowshera and Mardan, KP Province; Districts Turbet and Gwader, Baluchistan Province; Districts Rahim Yar Khan, Khan Bela, Lahore and Jhang, Punjab Province; Districts Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin, Tharparker and Karachi, Sindh Province.
As Chairman I-LAP, Sajid Ishaq Sandhu has also been actively contributing in Advocacy and Lobbying for the Right to Religious Freedom, Interfaith Harmony, Reducing Religious Extremism, Promotion of Religious Tolerance and raising voice for access to justice.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu has always been in the forefront in giving response to natural and manmade disasters throughout the country and has played a vital role in community development through promoting interfaith harmony, Peace through Education, livelihood, Water and Sanitation and Reconstruction of schools destroyed in the earthquake.
Chairman Sajid Ishaq Sandhu believes in participatory projects done in close relationships with the community members through forming Community Based Organizations and Self Help Groups.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu has a trustworthy experience in working with international partners particularly food aid, food security, cash for work, WASH, rehabilitation of agricultural land & water sources, reconstruction of schools, construction of one room and two room shelters and latrines.
Since 2004, Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP), under the guidance of Chairman Sajid Ishaq Sandhu, has worked with various international partners in various long and short term projects.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu established Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL), a socio-political movement, with the conviction that the people of Pakistan should be represented by a Socio Political movement that perceives the nation as one entity as depicted in the national flag; a movement that neither represents majority nor the minority but humanity on the basis of equality. PIL has come forward to ensure collective wisdom, coexistence, justice, peace, tolerance and interfaith harmony in the country.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu, Chairman PIL is of the belief that instead of treating people with different religious beliefs as minorities they should be given equal status as all other Pakistanis. They should be permitted to compete at all levels without bias, prejudice and condemnation. They should be considered an integral part of Pakistan as they are proud to be Pakistanis.
Chairman PIL, Sajid Ishaq Sandhu’s diligent perseverance in achieving the objectives has led PIL to successfully establish 544 Interfaith Units at Divisional, District, Tehsil and Union Council levels. At present PIL has over 400,000 registered members belonging to different religious faiths.
PIL Interventions
Lynching of Christian Couple in Kot Radha Kishan, 2014
Kasur Incident 2013
Hazara Genocide 2013
Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh, District Lahore, 2013
Burning of Sarhadi Lutheran’s Church, District Mardan, 2012
Rimsha Masih Case, Islamabad, 2012
Kasur Incident, District Kasur, 2009
Gojra Incident, District Faisalabad, 2009
Chairman Humsub.TV is the ideologue and driving force behind HumSub.TV . He has long been the flag-bearer for peace and interfaith harmony not only within Pakistan but at a global level.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu, Chairman Humsub.TV established HumSub.TV as Pakistan’s leading forwarding-thinking, edutainment channel, aimed at promoting and upholding peace, interfaith harmony and social responsibility within Pakistan through informative and insightful programs and documentaries; analytical interviews on issues pertaining to social, economic, legal and environmental set-up; dedicated shows to canvass and thereby promote the culture and heritage of Pakistan and in-depth coverage of national and international news.
Chairman Humsub.TV anchored various programs and talk shows on HumSub.TV, however the iconic show which received high acclaim by the viewers and ultimately became his recognition remains, “Red Zone with Sajid Ishaq”.
Sajid Ishaq Sandhu’s ultimate aim is to see Pakistan become a true democratic State. He continuously struggles for equal rights for all Minorities; Access to Justice, Quality Education for All and for the abolishment of Discriminatory Laws that discriminate on the basis of religion.

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