Sajid Ishaq Minorities President Statement Regarding Army

Sajid Ishaq Minorities President Stated that

Minorities stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Pak Army

Sajid Ishaq Minorities President Stated that

Islamabad “The minority communities, living in every nook and corner of Pakistan firmly stand behind Pakistan Army against enemy aggression and will not shy away from their responsibility to defend the motherland if the situation aggravated for the worst.

Sajid Ishaq Minorities President

This was stated by the Chairman, Pakistan Inter-faith League (PIL), Sajid Ishaq while talking to The News here Tuesday evening.

“This is our motherland and we will not tolerate any nefarious designs to destabilize this. We will hesitate to be the first ones to shed our blood to defend our motherland. Given the opportunity, we would love to fight the enemy as the first line of defence,” he said.

The PIL Chairman said that the minority communities in Pakistan are not being ill treated or tormented the way they are being victimised, tortured, humiliated and murdered as in India. “We love our country and will lay every possible sacrifice to defend our motherland whenever required,” Sajid Ishaq said.

“War is the worst crime a country can commit against the other and it should be avoided by all means. But if a war is imposed on Pakistan the minority communities here will be in the forefront to defend our country and will shed our blood to foil the ugly and deplorable aims of our enemies,” the PIL Chairman said.

He also urged the international community and the United Nations to take notice of the war hysteria being created by India against Pakistan as well as the atrocities the Indian army has unleashed against the helpless, unarmed people of Kashmir who are struggling for freedom from the tyrannical clutches of India.

This Artilce was published in The News on February 27, 2019

Sajid Ishaq Minorities President and Chairman Pakistan Interfaith League PIL

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